We can help young adults with estate planning

A previous post on this blog discussed how young adult Millennials should consider creating an estate plan even if they do not feel like they need one because they have not built up a lot of wealth at this point in their lives. As that post explained though, there are still a lot of estate planning tools and services that could be of great benefit to them. Our law office provides many of these tools and services to young Oklahomans from around the state, and these services help these young adults to prepare for what is hopefully a bright and prosperous future. Of course, although no one wants to think of it particularly in the best years of their lives, these tools can also protect a budding family in the even of an unexpected misfortune. For example, our office can

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When buying a house, make sure you aren’t also buying trouble

Purchasing a home is one of the most important decisions that you will make. It is a complicated process, and if you are not cautious and careful, you may find that you suffer serious financial implications. When making such an important decision with potentially long-reaching consequences, you would benefit from having experience on your side. Oklahoma home buyers are increasingly seeing the benefits of hiring a real estate law attorney. In reality, this is more than a precaution. It is a direct step in protecting your interests and ensuring that you do not accidentally buy hidden problems with the home. Potential pitfalls of a home purchase  Buying a home involves more than just finding a house that you like and agreeing on a purchase price. Purchase agreements are complex legal documents, and without experience in real estate law, you could

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Why millennials should ‘like’ estate planning

While young adults have long been associated with frivolous spending and a tendency to ignore the state of their general finances, today’s generation of 20- and 30-year-olds — otherwise known as millennials — are breaking the mold. Indeed, having come of age during the recession and endured their own struggles managing considerable student loan debt, many millennials seem to grasp the importance of wise spending and careful saving. As admirable as this is, there is perhaps one area in which millennials — like most other Americans — are lacking: estate planning. Indeed, one 2015 survey revealed that an astounding 60-plus percent of people don’t have a will. While it’s easy to see why millennials would discount estate planning, believing it’s not an option as they’re too young, don’t have a family and/or don’t have major assets, this simply isn’t the

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Overview of Oklahoma’s probate process

When Oklahomans hear of “probate,” they may immediately think of a big fight involving a loved one’s will. While the term “probate” has a bad connotation for some, the term actually refers to the legal process that most estates, will or no will, have to go through before property can get legally transferred to a deceased person’s heirs. Admitting a will in to probate, which basically means getting acknowledgement that the will is binding and legal document, is only one step in the entire probate administration process. The process, all of which is overseen to some degree by a local Oklahoma judge, starts when the court appoints a person called a “personal representative” to handle the affairs of the estate. Although a personal representative has many responsibilities, he or she basically is in charge of winding up the business affairs

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Major OKC outlet mall changes hands

Two real estate investors have purchased a major Oklahoma City outlet mall from the mall’s developers to the tune of $130 million. The developers indicated they sold so that they could invest in developing other projects in other parts of the country. For their part, the buyers think the outlet mall represents an important opportunity for growth. Through a representative, the buyers noted that the outlet mall has a good corner on the market in Oklahoma City and they were also impressed with the area’s promising demographics. Specifically, the new owners are hoping to develop the stores to attract a lucrative market of Millennial shoppers who are educated and make decent wages. There are currently 90 outlet stores in the outdoor mall, including big names like Ralph Lauren and Nike. The new owners have already chosen a property management company

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