Establishing durable power of attorney in Oklahoma

There are certain estate planning documents that everyone should have. One of these is a durable power of attorney. Having a durable power of attorney in place is crucial when important health care decisions need to be made. A durable power of attorney is a legal process that gives a designated person the ability to make health care decisions on a person’s behalf if they become incapacitated. They can make the decision to consent to medical procedures or remove a person from life support. A durable power of attorney must be drafted when the person is of sound mind. In Oklahoma, a person can give their agent either limited or full authority over health care decisions. If there are life-sustaining treatment decisions to be made then that power of attorney would need to comply with requirements of a health care

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Digital property assets

Estate planning is constantly evolving in Oklahoma and across the United States. Revisiting estate plans that were created years ago is always a good idea. Digital property assets are the latest addition to estate plans that are very important for Oklahoma residents. Digital property is the newest type of property a person can have. Digital assets include online social media accounts, bank accounts, email accounts and online storage accounts. It is important that there is a plan for digital assets if a person dies. Without a digital asset plan, digital property assets may be lost. A person should name who they want to have access to their digital assets. If there are certain instructions for what to do with the digital assets upon a person’s death, that should be included as well. Valuable digital assets should be named, including valuable

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Qdoba franchise association formed

Franchise owners in Oklahoma have many regulations by which they need to abide. Franchises have extensive contracts and other rules that owners must follow. A franchise association can help franchise owners learn the ins and outs of a franchise and work out the kinks of their business. Qdoba franchise owners recently formed a franchise association. Qdoba Mexican Eats franchisees, a fast-food Mexican establishment, has announced the formation of the Qdoba Franchisee Organization. The group is an independent organization whose goal is to “protect and enhance” the franchisees’ $250 million investment. There has recently been uncertainty within the Qdoba organization and franchise owners are working to ensure the Qdoba brand continues to be successful. There have been concerns about the valuation of Qdoba and franchise owners believe Qdoba corporate needs to hear their voice. Almost half of Qdoba locations are franchised.

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How to stay away from long term care estate planning mistakes

With a large aging population in Oklahoma comes the need of more senior citizen services. These services often cost a lot of money yet are very necessary. Long term care planning is important for everyone but there are mistakes that can be made. Baby boomers — those born between 1946 and 1964 — make up about 25 percent of the American population, or 76 million people. This large group of people is not getting any younger and planning for their older years is important. Long term care planning is one area in which a person who is looking to establish an estate plan should consider. The majority of the population will need long-term care at some point in their life. Long term care can include skilled nursing facilities, in home help or help with daily living activities. When a person

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