Do you qualify for a military pension?

A pension is an important part of a person’s finances. This is especially true for those receiving veteran’s pensions. Many families in Oklahoma rely on this money that is given to those who have bravely served this country. There are certain qualifications a person needs in order to receive a military pension. A person can qualify for a military pension if they have 20 years of active duty in the Navy, Air Force, Army or Marine Corps. They may also qualify if they medically retired from the Armed Forces. Years of service activity can include active service, active duty for training or special work, full-time National Guard, temporary tour of active duty or active Guard and Reserve time. Those that were in the Reserves have slightly different terms they need to make in order to obtain military retirement benefits. They

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What’s involved in due diligence in a real estate transaction?

Now that you have found the perfect piece of property and entered into a buy sell agreement, the real work begins. In order to ensure that your transaction goes smoothly, includes all of the legal requirements and results in a satisfactory transaction, you must engage in some due diligence. This often includes a number of topics that range from obtaining financing to verifying the property description to making sure the chain of title is clear. Below is a list of areas and specifics for each that may require your attention during the real estate transaction. Making sure you will own the property at the end That may sound like an odd statement. After all, you saw the property. However, you still need to verify that no one else has a right to the property. Sometimes, the required title documents are missing

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Health care directives are an important part of an estate plan

Thinking about what would happen if you became incapacitated and unable to make medical decisions is not an uplifting topic for anyone in Oklahoma. But, working out these issues before they happen is important for a person’s peace of mind and is a gift for loved ones in case the unthinkable happens. Health care directives are legal documents that spell out what medical treatments a person would want. Health care directives allow a person to make these decisions before anything happens to them. They are often used when there is a medical emergency or at the end of a person’s life. Medical directives become effective when doctors certify that a person cannot make medical decisions on their own and that a person is in a condition specified in the living will law and a person meets the state’s other requirements.

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Do you need legal help with commercial real estate?

There are many Oklahoma residents who own commercial property or who are interested in owning commercial property. Owning real estate can lead to many different legal issues for property owners. It is important to have an attorney who has experience in commercial real estate to offer their advice. For many people, commercial real estate is their way of life. Real estate is a good investment that can provide a steady income. But there can be many legal issues a property owner can run into, so it is advisable that a property owner consult with an attorney to make sure their interests are protected. Our law firm has years of experience helping our clients with their commercial property needs. We can assist with many different real estate needs. These may include the purchase of commercial properties, title claims, short sales, zoning

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What can you normally find in a buy sell agreement?

Whether you are purchasing or selling a house or a piece of commercial property, you need a contract that outlines the rights and responsibilities of the buyer and the seller. This contract identifies all pertinent information and agreements between you and the other party. Before you begin negotiating the fine print of your buy sell agreement, it may help to know what you can expect to find in nearly all such contracts. Understanding how they progress could help you determine what points you need to focus on during your negotiations. The introductory paragraphs You will more than likely see several clauses that begin with “Whereas” as you begin your review of the contract. These clauses introduce the parties and provide basic information about the history of the relationship between you and the other party. These clauses should not contain any

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Oklahoma commercial property management contracts

As a commercial real estate owner in Oklahoma, one of the most important things you can do is speak with an experienced attorney who can help make sure you are protected if a property manager fails to perform a job. There should be a crystal clear understanding by both parties as to what each are responsible for, and all of these agreements should be in writing. An effective property management contract should contain several things. First, it should contain liability verbage, or in other words, a “hold harmless” clause. This prevents liability of the landlord for any third party vendors hired by a property manager. Second, it should contain a list of the services and fees of the property manager, as well as responsibilities of the property owner. These should be set out individually including specific inclusions and exclusions. Third,

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