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February 2017 Archives

Don't have children? Estate planning is still important

Many Oklahoma residents may wonder if estate planning is important for their situation. Many people may think they don't have enough assets to worry about it, or maybe they don't have a spouse or kids. But, an estate plan is important for a number of reasons and everyone should have at least a basic will and power of attorney.

Digital assets should be included in estate plans

Most Oklahoma residents know the value of protecting assets in an estate plan. Usually people consider assets like property, person belongings and financial accounts in these plans. Digital assets are relatively new, but equally important, assets that should be included in an estate plan.

Medicaid Planning Options for Oklahoma Seniors

The cost of nursing home care can quickly exhaust a nest egg, and the reality is that seniors need to plan now if their goal is to preserve assets for loved ones while also covering the cost of long-term care.

What assets are exempt from Medicaid?

Many Oklahoma residents who are getting older need to live in a skilled nursing facility. A nursing home is an extremely expensive place to live and many people can spend their life savings in just a few months. Planning ahead for a nursing home stay is smart, especially in order to preserve a family's assets and use Medicaid.

Things to consider when buying investment property

Many Oklahoma residents have investment property or are considering buying investment property. Investment property can be a good way to increase a family's income and diversify their portfolio. There are many landlord-tenant laws that must be followed along with other things to keep in mind when thinking about buying investment property.


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