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Why is Medicaid planning so important for Oklahoma seniors?

There's no denying that the cost of long-term care continues to rise, and seniors in Oklahoma need to be aware of their options for covering the cost of nursing home care, assisted living and in-home medical care.

So I evicted my tenant, how do I get my money?

A previous post on this blog discussed how the eviction process works under Oklahoma law. Although each state's laws about eviction are different, the basics of the process work the same from state to state. One of the questions landlords in Oklahoma and elsewhere may have is, "Where do I go from here?" once the landlord has evicted a tenant either for not paying rent or for violating some other important provision of a rental agreement.

If I get hurt at work, can I get Social Security disability?

Many people in Oklahoma and, for that matter, throughout the country wind up unable to do their jobs or engage in any employment because they get hurt in a work accident. One question that may come to the mind of these people is whether they can draw disability benefits from the Social Security Administration, as there is a common impression that those benefits are for people who do not work because they never could or had some sort of medical issues not directly related to work.

Understanding Your Trust Options

On your path to creating a comprehensive estate plan, your first step is usually to draft an enforceable will. However, a will may not provide all of the detailed guidance and control you need, especially if there are complicated family dynamics or you have complex assets such as a business.

How might the Medicaid look back period affect me?

As this blog has discussed previously, there are many people in Oklahoma, both in Edmund, around Oklahoma City and throughout the state, who are not in absolute poverty but who at the same time do not have the means both to pay for the medical care that they will need when they age and have any hope of leaving some property to their loved ones when they die.


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