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What type of lease will you offer your commercial tenants?

As certain areas of Oklahoma continue to grow, maybe you consider developing commercial property in an area where doing so makes sense. You will more than likely begin looking for tenants who want to take advantage of the business opportunities in the area.

Qdoba franchise association formed

Franchise owners in Oklahoma have many regulations by which they need to abide. Franchises have extensive contracts and other rules that owners must follow. A franchise association can help franchise owners learn the ins and outs of a franchise and work out the kinks of their business. Qdoba franchise owners recently formed a franchise association.

Meeting shows delicate balance between preservation, rights

A real estate investor in Oklahoma will have a number of hoops to jump through in order to see their project to their ultimate goal. Some of these hoops may involve permissible real estate land use and related issues. For instance, at a recent meeting among the government leaders of Nichols Hills, a community bordering Oklahoma City, discussed how they might better be able to preserve the historic character of the neighborhood.

Important terms in a commercial lease agreement

Although this blog has discussed purchase transactions involving commercial real estate in pervious posts, it is important to remember that, for a variety of business and other reasons, many Oklahomans choose instead to lease a property for their business's use. Like the terms of purchase agreements, the provisions of a lease are important both to a commercial tenant and to the landowner, and they can mean the difference between and good and bad financial outcome for either party.

What do property management companies do?

Many people who live in Oklahoma, and particularly those in the Oklahoma City area, may see in the relatively strong real estate market an opportunity to invest in commercial real estate. In many cases, a person can be more of a passive investor just by providing money for a commercial project. However, others may want to take an active role in owning commercial property, like a shopping center or office space.

Landowners say Dakota Access unfairly acquired pipeline easements

A new dispute has arisen in regards to the Dakota Access Pipeline, the beleaguered oil pipeline project that was underway until the Army Corps of Engineers agreed to reconsider its environmental assessment. The Corps' decision was arguably in response to protests by the Standing Rock Sioux and other Native Americans who oppose the pipeline being installed across Lake Oahe, which provides the tribe's drinking water and is near sacred sites.


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