Full disclosure when selling a home

Selling a home is a daunting task. There is usually much to do to make the house attractive to potential buyers, and maybe you apply a new coat of paint or replace the carpeting. You might even opt for more extensive renovations or replace outdated appliances, hoping to recoup the cost with a good price. However, while making your home appealing to buyers, you may be tempted to cover some evidence of defects. Does that coat of paint cover a stain from a leaking pipe? Does the carpet hide a slope in the floor from a shifting foundation? What are the potential consequences of hiding defects in your home? Real estate transactions and the obligation to tell what you know Most states, including Oklahoma, require home sellers to make an honest disclosure of any problems that could affect the value

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When buying a house, make sure you aren’t also buying trouble

Purchasing a home is one of the most important decisions that you will make. It is a complicated process, and if you are not cautious and careful, you may find that you suffer serious financial implications. When making such an important decision with potentially long-reaching consequences, you would benefit from having experience on your side. Oklahoma home buyers are increasingly seeing the benefits of hiring a real estate law attorney. In reality, this is more than a precaution. It is a direct step in protecting your interests and ensuring that you do not accidentally buy hidden problems with the home. Potential pitfalls of a home purchase  Buying a home involves more than just finding a house that you like and agreeing on a purchase price. Purchase agreements are complex legal documents, and without experience in real estate law, you could

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