Do you qualify for a military pension?

A pension is an important part of a person’s finances. This is especially true for those receiving veteran’s pensions. Many families in Oklahoma rely on this money that is given to those who have bravely served this country. There are certain qualifications a person needs in order to receive a military pension. A person can qualify for a military pension if they have 20 years of active duty in the Navy, Air Force, Army or Marine Corps. They may also qualify if they medically retired from the Armed Forces. Years of service activity can include active service, active duty for training or special work, full-time National Guard, temporary tour of active duty or active Guard and Reserve time. Those that were in the Reserves have slightly different terms they need to make in order to obtain military retirement benefits. They

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Veterans’ benefits rates to increase in 2018

Oklahoma residents may be pleased to hear that in 2018 United States veterans, as well as Social Security benefit recipients, will receive the largest cost-of-living increase since 2012. Beginning December 1, 2017, all will see a 2 percent increase in payments. This will amount to approximately $25 for the average veteran, that is, about an additional $300 in 2018. The larger increase is due in part to a disastrous hurricane season in 2017. Both hurricanes Harvey and Irma wreaked significant havoc, driving gas and other prices up. The prices of consumer goods are the measurement by which the government determines a cost of living adjustment each year. This measurement is known as the Consumer Price Index. The government examines the Consumer Price Index for the third quarter of the year (July through September), and compares it the same quarter of

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Are you a veteran who needs help with pension issues?

Veterans are valued members of society in Oklahoma and across the United States. Their service and sacrifice is appreciated by a grateful nation, and they deserve to be treated well. A veteran may be entitled to numerous financial benefits because of their service. Our veterans may be eligible for many veterans’ benefits, including pensions. But, navigating the Department of Veterans Affairs in order to apply for these benefits can be complicated. Our law firm is accredited by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and we understand the rules behind veterans’ benefits. This means we are well equipped to handle veterans’ pension issues. We can offer our advice and help a veteran pursue the pension benefits they need. Some veterans qualify for a veterans’ pension that offers a cash benefit to wartime veterans or their surviving spouse. We understand how these

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We can help veterans get the pension benefits they need

Many of our country’s soldiers and sailors who were willing to sacrifice their lives are, quite rightly, eligible for many different types of benefits administered by the federal Department of Veterans’ Affairs. For those warriors who are now retired out of the service or who have been disabled in connection with their military career, government assistance may be a very critical part of their finances such that it would be hard for them to maintain a good standard of living without them. It would therefore be a great misfortune if a veteran, simply because he or she did not know or understand the administrative system or what benefits would be available to him or her, therefore did not get all the help he or she both needed and deserved. In reality, though, the VA is a hard government agency to

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Overview of veterans’ retirement benefits

Oklahoma military veterans have access to a lot of benefits, some of which are available through the many programs the Department of Veterans’ Affairs administers. One of these programs involves a pension plan for which disabled vets or veterans over the age of 65 can qualify. This pension program is separate from the program the Department uses to compensate veterans who get disabled while in the service. There are certain rules as to who qualifies for these benefits. In addition to being either over 65 or “disabled” as the Department defines that term, a person also has to show he or she received something other than a dishonorable discharge, although a full “honorable” discharge might not be necessary. Also, the veteran claiming the pension must serve during wartime; however, officially, the United States has been in wartime since the 1990

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Many military veterans are entitled to financial benefits

Oklahoma veterans are some of the most important people in our state. Their sacrifice to keep us safe here in the United States can never be repaid. This is one of the reasons why it is so important for communities to take care of their veterans. One way that the government tries to help veterans is by offering them certain benefits. For example, some veterans are eligible for pensions. There are requirements that these veterans need to meet in order to be eligible and veterans’ pension issues can arise from certain situations. In order for a veteran to be eligible for a pension, they must have served at least 90 days in active duty during a period of war and have been honorably discharged. The veteran must be older than 65 or younger than 65 but totally disabled. A surviving

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