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Estate planning in 2018: Should you give more away?

Oklahoma residents who use gifting strategies within their estate plan may be aware of the recent changes that have occurred. Many families will need to make difficult decisions regarding how to gift their money to family members. Recently, Congress changed some laws regarding the gift exemption and estate tax exemption.

Differing types of Power of Attorney

Prior to engaging in any form of estate planning, individuals in Oklahoma often do not realize that there are several differing types of Power of Attorney (POA). They are used for differing purposes and situations. However, the single definition of "a document that speaks for a person when he or she cannot speak for themselves" is universal. For this reason, it is essential that a person, referred to as the "principal", make a careful, well thought-out decision as to whom will be appointed as their representing "agent."

How to transfer gas, oil and mineral rights into trusts

Estate planning is essential to the timely and less stressful administration of a decedent's estate. For decedents in Oklahoma who owned oil, gas, or mineral rights, prior planning is especially recommended. These matters can quickly become a complicated situation if preparation was not made for the transfer of those rights prior to death.

Five estate planning documents a person needs

Oklahoma residents understand the value of estate planning. An estate plan is a wonderful tool to ensure a person's assets are transferred to the next generation in the person's desired manner. It can also be used to communicate a person's health care wishes. Although many may think estate planning is only for the wealthy, there are five documents almost everyone needs.

Common estate planning mistakes to try to avoid

Most Oklahoma residents know how important estate planning is to protect a person's assets and honor their wishes. Estate planning is important for almost every resident in the state. It can be important to keep in mind common estate planning mistakes in case they apply to a person's situation.

What are the differences between wills and trusts?

Oklahoma residents who are thinking about estate planning know that there are many estate planning terms that are thrown around. Estate planning encompasses many different subjects, depending on a family's need. Wills and trusts are often the most popular estate planning tools.

How will your estate plan affect the probate process?

Considering how to best take care of your family may occupy a great deal of your time. You work to ensure they have everything they need to live comfortably and thrive. What about after you pass away? You may have considered taking care of your family in the event of your death, and you may have begun researching the best way to do that.


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