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Five estate planning documents a person needs

Oklahoma residents understand the value of estate planning. An estate plan is a wonderful tool to ensure a person's assets are transferred to the next generation in the person's desired manner. It can also be used to communicate a person's health care wishes. Although many may think estate planning is only for the wealthy, there are five documents almost everyone needs.

Common estate planning mistakes to try to avoid

Most Oklahoma residents know how important estate planning is to protect a person's assets and honor their wishes. Estate planning is important for almost every resident in the state. It can be important to keep in mind common estate planning mistakes in case they apply to a person's situation.

What are the differences between wills and trusts?

Oklahoma residents who are thinking about estate planning know that there are many estate planning terms that are thrown around. Estate planning encompasses many different subjects, depending on a family's need. Wills and trusts are often the most popular estate planning tools.

How will your estate plan affect the probate process?

Considering how to best take care of your family may occupy a great deal of your time. You work to ensure they have everything they need to live comfortably and thrive. What about after you pass away? You may have considered taking care of your family in the event of your death, and you may have begun researching the best way to do that.

Successful succession: Don't let these issues thwart your plans

There's obviously a lot of challenge involved in building and maintaining a family business in Oklahoma (or anywhere, for that matter). Most family-run business owners agree, though, that it's a very rewarding experience to work alongside those you love most and provide a service and/or product to the public, knowing that the business was created by your own ideas and led to success by the work of your own hands.

Unlock peace of mind with key estate planning documents

Some people in Oklahoma and elsewhere mistakenly think estate plans only function after a person dies. This couldn't be further from the truth. Although a final will and testament is a document administered after an estate owner's death, there are many other documents you can include in a thorough plan that have everything to do with situations that may occur while you're still living. Choosing what documents to include in a particular plan is an intensely personal decision.

We can help young adults with estate planning

A previous post on this blog discussed how young adult Millennials should consider creating an estate plan even if they do not feel like they need one because they have not built up a lot of wealth at this point in their lives. As that post explained though, there are still a lot of estate planning tools and services that could be of great benefit to them.


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