Do you qualify for a military pension?

A pension is an important part of a person’s finances. This is especially true for those receiving veteran’s pensions. Many families in Oklahoma rely on this money that is given to those who have bravely served this country. There are certain qualifications a person needs in order to receive a military pension.

A person can qualify for a military pension if they have 20 years of active duty in the Navy, Air Force, Army or Marine Corps. They may also qualify if they medically retired from the Armed Forces. Years of service activity can include active service, active duty for training or special work, full-time National Guard, temporary tour of active duty or active Guard and Reserve time.

Those that were in the Reserves have slightly different terms they need to make in order to obtain military retirement benefits. They can receive retired pay after accruing 20 years of service time and reaching the age of 60. Service time can include active service, active duty training or special work, a temporary tour, full time National Guard duty and active Guard or Reserve time.

Military retirement benefits are important in many family’s finances. A military pension is a benefit given to our nation’s heroes. If a military veteran has questions regarding their benefits they may want to speak with an attorney who specializes in military benefits. An attorney can help a veteran navigate the pension system and ensure they receive the benefits they deserve. An attorney understands the government’s requirements for pensions and how their client can qualify. These benefits can help a veteran plan for retirement savings and their future financial needs.

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