Proactive And Comprehensive Guidance On Construction Law

Proactive And Comprehensive Guidance On Construction Law

Construction projects rarely go exactly according to plan. Unexpected roadblocks can jeopardize the project time frame or even derail it entirely. The key to success in the construction business lies in anticipating potential problems before they arise — and taking steps to prevent them from happening.At Teague & Wetsel, PLLC, we provide proactive guidance on all aspects of construction law, from contracts, leases and transactions to litigation and disputes. Attorney Charles Wetsel has more than 30 years of experience navigating these complex issues. He understands the nuances of the construction industry in Oklahoma, and he knows how to effectively protect clients’ interests.Based in Edmond, our firm works with construction clients across the state, including:

  • Commercial property owners
  • General contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Builders
  • Developers

We handle everything from large-scale commercial projects to smaller residential projects, both public and private.

Lawyer Charles Wetsel has extensive experience in construction, business and property law — three areas that often overlap.

Why Choose A Smaller Firm?

In construction matters, the stakes are high. Multiple parties may have significant investments on the line. The last thing you need is a large, impersonal firm that will farm out your legal issues to junior associates.

At our firm, you will work directly with our founding partner, benefiting from the insights he has gained over the course of an accomplished career. This one-on-one service is difficult to replicate in a larger practice. You will also benefit from the cost savings that come from our streamlined nature. Without the trappings of a cumbersome bureaucracy, we can readily adapt to meet your needs.

Find Out More

Please contact us at 405-285-9200 to learn more about our commercial construction law services. We also handle limited residential matters on behalf of builders.


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