Understanding Federal Disability Benefits

If a serious injury, disease or medical condition is keeping you from holding a job, you likely need all the financial help you can get. The bills may be piling up. The last thing you need is financial stress on top of the physical and emotional burdens you are already facing.

At Teague & Wetsel, PLLC, in Edmond, Oklahoma, our lawyers can help you get the disability benefits you deserve.

SSD Versus SSI: What’s The Difference?

Both Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) provide monthly benefits for those who are unable to work due to a serious disability. However, there are key differences between the programs:

  • Social Security Disability benefits are available to those with sufficient work history. If eligible, you will receive monthly benefits based on the extent of your disability and your previous earnings.
  • Supplemental Security Income is a needs-based program that provides disability benefits for those with limited resources.

Our attorneys can determine whether you qualify for SSD, SSI or both (in limited circumstances).

We Can Cut Through The Red Tape

More than two-thirds of all SSD and SSI applications are denied on the first try due to preventable errors. You can drastically reduce your chances of a denial by working with a qualified attorney. Our lawyers understand disability law inside and out, and we can help ensure that you put your strongest foot forward to avoid delays or denials.

If your application was already denied, don’t give up. We may be able to help you reapply for benefits or appeal your case using proper channels at the Social Security Administration.

Social Security Disability is a very complicated area of law. To learn more about SSD and SSI benefits and your options for receiving them, contact our firm at 405-285-9200. Our attorneys will be happy to discuss the details with you.


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