Help with drafting a commercial purchase agreement

Although buying a piece of land or a building for business use or development is in many respects similar to buying a family home, in other ways, it is quite a bit different and, in many respects, much more complicated.

One of the biggest differences between residential and commercial real estate deals is that there is customarily a lot more room for negotiation. This means that Oklahomans and out-of-state investors with property in Oklahoma are more likely to need an experienced and knowledgeable advocate on their side to help them prepare, negotiate and sign a commercial purchase agreement.

Our law office has the knowledge and experience required to help our clients navigate through the complicated world of a commercial real estate sale or purchase. Once a prospective property or buyer is identified, we can help our clients prepare the contract that is necessary to start transferring the property.

While certain an important aspect, the process of drafting a purchase agreement involves far more than simply putting our client’s deal in to detailed “legal language.’ Our approach also involves meeting with our clients to go over their specific situation so we can advise them on what terms should and should not be in their particular real estate agreement.

We also will offer suggestions on how the overall agreement should be structured, and we even help our clients decide what the client’s non-negotiable points are when it comes time to settle on terms.

Drafting and signing a commercial purchase agreement is an important step in anyone’s professional life. While there several potential traps and points at which someone can get lost in a web of complexity, our office helps people throughout Oklahoma minimize these risks and get a commercial agreement that serves the best interests.

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