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Recently, this Oklahoma legal blog provided an informative post on the rights that landlords have with respect to the individuals who lease their rental spaces. For example, under certain conditions a landlord may have the right to evict a tenant and retain their security deposit to compensate the landlord for losses incurred due to the tenant’s malfeasance. Landlords can place certain restrictions on what activities tenants may engage in on their premises and may seek payment of missed rental checks and other costs when their tenants fall behind.

But as previously mentioned, tenants have rights, too. Landlords may not kick their tenants out of their properties without notice and landlords must abide by state and federal laws that prohibit disparate treatment in the housing market. A landlord may believe that they have good cause to remove a tenant from their rental property, but without ensuring that they have complied with all applicable laws their rental problem may become a major legal issue.

When confronted with tenant problems landlords can benefit from speaking with attorneys who understand the importance of making responsible decisions. The lawyers of Teague & Wetsel, PLLC, provide direct support to property owners who have rented out space to others and who have found themselves confronted with legal quandaries and few apparent options for avoiding legal actions.

The attorneys and staff of Teague & Wetzel, PLLC, are ready to meet with new landlord clients and to begin guiding them through the complicated world of landlord-tenant law. Interested readers are invited to learn more about this topic by visiting the firm’s website.

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