Qdoba franchise association formed

Franchise owners in Oklahoma have many regulations by which they need to abide. Franchises have extensive contracts and other rules that owners must follow. A franchise association can help franchise owners learn the ins and outs of a franchise and work out the kinks of their business. Qdoba franchise owners recently formed a franchise association.

Qdoba Mexican Eats franchisees, a fast-food Mexican establishment, has announced the formation of the Qdoba Franchisee Organization. The group is an independent organization whose goal is to “protect and enhance” the franchisees’ $250 million investment. There has recently been uncertainty within the Qdoba organization and franchise owners are working to ensure the Qdoba brand continues to be successful. There have been concerns about the valuation of Qdoba and franchise owners believe Qdoba corporate needs to hear their voice. Almost half of Qdoba locations are franchised. It is suspected that Qdoba will be selling to a new owner and the franchise organization wants a potential buyer to know that they are a strong brand whose owners are interested in keeping it professional and powerful.

A legal professional who specializes in business law can help their client with all of their franchise needs. An attorney has experience in business and commercial law and can offer suggestions and advice. A franchise owner needs a team on his side that will protect his interests and his business. An attorney understands the dynamic that is present between a corporation and the franchise owner. There can be disputes that need to be addressed and other legal contracts to work through.

Being a franchise owner can be complicated and frustrating, but is often rewarding. Franchise owners who are part of an organization can often build their brand and ensure it stays successful.

Source: nrn.com, “With franchisor on the block, Qdoba franchisees organize,” Jonathan Maze, June 30, 2017

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