We can help veterans get the pension benefits they need

Many of our country’s soldiers and sailors who were willing to sacrifice their lives are, quite rightly, eligible for many different types of benefits administered by the federal Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

For those warriors who are now retired out of the service or who have been disabled in connection with their military career, government assistance may be a very critical part of their finances such that it would be hard for them to maintain a good standard of living without them.

It would therefore be a great misfortune if a veteran, simply because he or she did not know or understand the administrative system or what benefits would be available to him or her, therefore did not get all the help he or she both needed and deserved. In reality, though, the VA is a hard government agency to navigate, and many of our nation’s heroes do wind up coming up short on benefits.

Many vets often make the mistake of trying to go it alone, thinking that everyone who works for the VA has their best interest at heart or, on the other hand, that there is simply nothing that can be done about the red tape except live with it.

In fact, though, there are some attorneys who are accredited by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs because they have demonstrated knowledge of the benefits available through the VA and also know the administrative process. Our law firm employs one such accredited attorney. As such, we are able to do everything we can to ensure you submit a timely and proper application for benefits, backed by appropriate documentation, and that you are well informed of your rights throughout the process. While results cannot be guaranteed for every case, we do feel our expertise reduces administrative delays and avoidable denials of benefits.

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