What rights do Oklahoma landlords have?

Those who own real estate in Oklahoma that they rent out know how stressful it can be. There are many laws in place to protect tenants, but landlords also have rights.

Almost every landlord will have to evict a tenant at some point. Many times, an eviction occurs because a tenant has not paid rent. While state laws vary, in general if a tenant does not pay rent, a landlord needs to give notice for payment within a certain number of days. If, following that, rent still hasn’t been paid, a landlord can sue for eviction. A tenant may also be evicted if they violate the terms of the lease or they break the law, such as engaging in illegal drug activity. A landlord has the right to use their renter’s security deposit damages or unpaid rent after the lease has ended, but this must be provided to the renter in an itemized statement. If the renter does not request their security deposit back in six months, the landlord may keep the deposit.

Landlord-tenant law in Oklahoma is often quite complex with every situation being unique. A legal professional who is familiar with landlord-tenant law can help their client get the answers they need. Disputes involving landlord and tenant issues need to be resolved quickly, and an attorney understands the rights that both landlords and tenants have. Landlords have a lot of laws to navigate that are designed to protect tenants, and it is important to stay on the right side of the law.

Real estate is an excellent investment in Oklahoma. Landlords understand the duty they have to their tenants, and having an attorney to offer advice is beneficial in making sure everything runs smoothly for their properties.

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